Space medicine

Nine rocket and space companies have specified the responsibilities for manufacturing of medical products. Amongst proprietary solutions relevant to design and production of neonatal equipment, hyperbaric decompression systems, radiographic equipment, mammography devices and U/S facilities, a wide range of medical products such as syringes, dispensers, spreaders, etc., has been designed.

The experience gained since 1989 in designing prosthetic facilities for persons with musculoskeletal disorders has ensured production of a wide range of units and components for upper extremity prostheses and ammunition legs made of robust and reliable materials used for rocket and space equipment.

Together with IBMP RAS (Institute of Bio-Medical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences) which is the leading state scientific center of the Russian Federation in the sphere of space biology and medicine, we have put to use a series of space designs (prenosological diagnostics procedures, devices for correction of neurological disorders, telemedicine technologies, new generation training devices, etc.) for neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, sports medicine, occupational medicine, disaster medicine, preventive and rehabilitation medicine.


Together with the Society of Doctors of Russia we have been implementing projects on nationalization of products and substitution of imported surgical, endoscopic and other medical products at the rocket and space industry enterprises. For example, together with FGUP «NPTsAP» (FSUE «Automation and Instrumentation Research and Development Center») we are engaged in design and setup of production of devices for local destruction of malignant swellings.

«Space experiments» in the Russian segment of the International Space Station. URSC JSC plans to set up a unified industry operator for commercial space experiments. Thus, we will maintain cooperation with 3D Bioprinting Solutions LLC for searching partners for carrying out commercial space experiments using a magnetic 3D bio-printer.