URSC is a reliable partner that can reduce timelines and provide effective communications. We offer high-tech products and create projects, accompanying their implementation in the client’s business, helping to unleash the potential for changes necessary for further effective work.

The effectiveness of our solutions is based on a significant technological reserve of enterprises, the opt of our experts in the field of investment, management, marketing, which allow us to put into practice the changes necessary for further development.

gas pumping units
More then
power-generating units

Implementation, together with leading power engineering companies, of projects for implementation of modern oil and gas extraction, transportation and treatment technologies, including in the Far North.
A wide range of
remote sensing services
Design and commercialization of novel geoinformation products based on Earth remote sensing data.
More than
cities of Russia and the CIS countries actively use the systems of NPO Avtomatiki JSC

Design and production of domestic high-tech smart systems for control of agricultural machinery, transport vehicles and «Smart city» systems.
of Russia
of leadership

Design, production and maintenance of advanced public transports, such as light rail.

Diversification is an essential tool for ensuring stability and sustainable development of large industrial corporations and companies around the world. Roscosmos State Corporation, as one of the technological leaders in the world space industry, is actively moving into related segments of the market and industry, offering its developments and solutions.

Effective diversification mechanisms are necessary not only to increase the financial sustainability of organizations in the rocket and space industry, but also to strengthen labor collectives and attract highly qualified engineers, designers, scientists and workers to the industry. The production of new types of civilian products will also allow the efficient loading of enterprises.