Space power engineering

The experience and technologies that we have acquired in the production of rocket engines, made it possible for the rocket and space industry enterprises to expand production of a wide range of pumping and compressor equipment, gas turbine power plants. More than 540 gas pumping units and more than 90 power-generating units of gas turbine power plants have been successfully operating in the most important infrastructure facilities in Russia and other countries.

The biggest Russian companies use the compressor and pumping equipment made by the rocket and space industry enterprises: «Transneft» PJSC, «NK Rosneft» PJSC, «Gazprom-neft» PJSC, «GMK Norilsky Nickel» PJSC, «Sever-stal» PJSC, etc.

«Space power engineering» means implementation, together with leading power engineering companies, of projects for implementation of modern oil and gas extraction, transportation and treatment technologies, including in the Far North.

gas pumping units
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power-generating units

A series of projects is being carried out within this trend:

  • The «Green Line» Project aimed at creation of an alternative monitoring and control system for oil loading into tankers. The project shall be executed at «MIT Corporation» JSC for «Gazprom Neft Shelf» LLC for the Prirazlomnaya offshore ice-resistant stationary platform.
  • The «Hydraulic Fracturing Fleet» Project is being carried out by «FITC Titan-Barricades» JSC supported by «Gazprom-neft» PJSC. The project provides for creation of a hydraulic fracturing mobile complex (fleet).
  • The «Underwater Mining Complex» Project. The rocket and space industry enterprises FGUP «NPTsAP» (FSUE «Automation and Instrumentation Research and Development Center») and «FITC Titan-Barricades» JSC, together with «Gazprom» PJSC have been designing subsea production electrical control systems, including an automated process control system of FGUP «NPTsAP» and the tubing hanger of «FITC Titan-Barricades» JSC.