Automated Control Systems

The State Space Corporation «Roscosmos» companies have amassed considerable experience in developing highly reliable rocket and space equipment control systems used as part of «smart cities» and «smart transportation infrastructure».

JSC «NPO Avtomatiki» (Scientific and Production Association of Automatics) is the industry leader in development and implementation of city infrastructure equipment. Lighting, water supply, gas supply and heating control systems of JSC «NPO Avtomatiki» have been widely used in more than 70 cities in Russia and CIS. JSC «NPO Avtomatiki» has currently started to work on smart video monitoring and adaptive traffic control in Yekaterinburg.

Creation of a fully home-made integrated unmanned agricultural equipment control system, codenamed «Smart agriculture», is one of priority projects in this field. For the first time, an unmanned combine harvester successfully passed the tests in 2018. A high-accuracy field treatment of less than 3 cm was obtained. Development of parallel driving, land productivity mapping and variable rate fertilization systems is within reach of completion. These systems will make it possible for agricultural enterprises to increase the specific productivity rate by more than 5 times, including: improve harvesting by 5–10%, reduce the seeding and fertilizing rate by 15%, reduce consumption of fuel, lubricants and consumables by up to 10%.

More than
cities of Russia and the CIS countries actively use the systems of NPO Avtomatiki JSC

For further development of the «Automated Control Systems» sector URSC JSC and JSC «NPO Avtomatiki» are engaged in engineering of the following systems:

  • intelligent decision making assisted harbour pilotage;
  • smart monitoring and protection system preventing from unauthorized entrance of custom vehicles into airport runways;
  • automated storage control system;
  • solutions for the «Smart city» project, including the integrated urban video analysis system and residential and urban traffic «Digital footprint» analysis system.