Geoinformation services

Aerospace enterprises provide a wide range of Earth remote sensing (ERS) and relevant geoinformation services. Information-analysis services are used for solution of customer business processes automation tasks related to searching and analysis of any global spacial information available within any period of time.

The services are being rendered to :

Government agencies

Territory management
Territory management and automatic property tax charge error detection service
Provision of industry information to forestry organizations: forest management control and identification of changes in forest reserves – fellings, fires, windblown trees, failed plantations
Farming lands inventory, assessment of their rehabilitation, crop condition monitoring, identification and prevention of eventual adverse events
SDW landfills
Provision of information about SDW stacking areas, observance of ecological standards and laws
Identification of changes within a territory for estimation of development, reclamation rates, man-caused impacts, etc.
Infrastructure projects
Monitoring of mega infrastructural construction projects being critical for the social and economic development of the Russian Federation
Provision of altimetric data to customers: digital surface and terrain models
Provision of customers with basis geo-spatial information – ortho-coatings, orthophotomaps, orthomosaiс


Provision of information about surface mining operations and land use status
Oil and gas
Provision of industry information to oil producing and transportation companies
Diversified assessment of land attractiveness for investment based on utilization efficiency thereof for various purposes
Evaluation of business activity
Evaluation of business activity of commercial enterprises for making investment and financing decisions
Provision of insurance companies with up-to-date information based on space surveys for making insurance event decisions
Provision of mobile service providers with information necessary for planning telecom network evolution


Commercial cloud
Access to the global base of diverse ERS surveys of the whole Earth territory in one online window, 24/7, from anywhere globally in few clicks